Thai Massage

Thai Massage available in air conditioned comfort on a sturdy raised massage table in Buriram. Certified Female Masseuse.

Buriram Thai Massage Certification
Buriram Thai Massage Certificate

Miss Pennapa and the other female masseuse are certified and trained in Thai Traditional Massages. One hour in a comfortable Buriram Massage establishment on a raised massage table is a step up from most massage shops near the railroad tracks. Foot massage | shoulder massage | thigh massage available in Buriram. Request relief from pain points with the female masseuse.

Buriram Thai Massage Certification
Buriram Thai Massage Certified

Thai massage typically entails the masseuse performing a series of intense stretches on a fully clothed client. Loose fitting top and bottom provided for your comfort in Buriram.

Benefits of the Buriram Thai Massage: Improved flexibility, greater range of motion, and temporary relief from pain are just a few of the benefits of Thai massage.

Try this massage if you want help achieving deeper stretches and like the idea of remaining totally clothed during a massage.