Buriram Massage Facilities

Buriram Oil Massage Facilities offers an air conditioned Massage Room | Private Changing Room | Clean Private Heated Shower with raised Cotto Toilet | Stainless Steel Safety Grab Bars.

Changing room at Buriram Private Massage Parlour
Buriram Massage Private Changing Room

The massage facilities at Buriram Massage are clean and safe. Locking storage for your phone and wallet are next to the raised massage beds. You are able to use the private changing room at Buriram Massage. The shower has non slip floor tiles, heated shower heater and stainless steel grab bars.

Buriram Massage Shower Towels
Fluffy Towels at Buriram Massage

Fluffy Full size bath towels for use in your shower before the massage and a new towel for after the massage session. Pleasant  Happy Massage experience in Buriram in a very clean massage shop with easy parking.