About Us

Miss Pennapa opened the Buriram Massage studio in 2016.

Buriram Female Masseuse
Buriram Thai Female Masseuse is a certified Thai Massage Technician.

Miss Pennapa is a trained, licensed masseuse who enjoys providing healthy relaxing massages to both women and men in Buriram. With no other staff to train or supervise, Miss Pennapa is able to devote the entire massage session to each clients complete satisfaction. You may enjoy a fully clothed traditional Thai massage | a relaxing oil massage | Swedish style deep tissue massage or a sports massage after golfing at the Buriram Army Base Golf Course. No idle chit chat, no personal questions, no smell of food, no children running about, and never any photos of or with clients. Your choice of music on spotify, a hot shower before and after your massage, sturdy strong massage table and comfortable linens are the investment Miss Pennapa has made in her own massage studio. Read the current reviews on Google Maps for Buriram Massage Oil.  Ask your friends which studio offers the best legitimate massage service in Buriram. There is a reason clients drive a great distance to enjoy a massage session with Miss Pennapa.