Buriram oil massage

Welcome 9am to 8pm daily to Buriram Full Body Oil Massage. Open 7 days a week for Thai Massage | Oil Massage

Closed Sept 15,16,17 OPEN AGAIN  Wed Sept 18 onward

300 Baht One Hour Oil Massage

400 Baht One Hour Aroma Massage

200 Baht One hour Thai Traditional Massage

Two blocks from Paddy’s Irish Pub | Two blocks from Tesco Express Buriram. See map and get directions here.

Phone 098 956 2208 or via line app or contact via Facebook

Buriram Female Masseuse
Buriram Best Female Massage Staff


Experience a massage in Buriram from a pleasant and skillful female masseuse. In Buriram and in need of a worthwhile Foot Massage | Scalp Massage | Traditional Thai Massage | Deep Tissue Massage or Full Body Oil Massage.

Deep-tissue massage is ideal for releasing chronic tension and may also help improve your range of motion.

If you suffer from chronic aches, and pains, suffer from dsb or want more satisfaction than classic Thai massage offers.

Buriram Massage Valentines Special
Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Massage Buriram

Easy to find on google maps and only two short blocks from Paddy’s Irish Bar & Restaurant. The first of eight massage establishments on the same block. Top Reviews on facebook | trip advisor | google maps 2019.